Complete Home Inspection Services

Home inspections are now more than just for people buying houses. Professional home inspectors provide a whole range of inspections and help the homeowner maintain and improve their house.

Here are the various inspection and consulting services that our company provides.

Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection

Examine the condition of the new house or condo you are planning to buy. Are there any hidden (and expensive) problems or safety issues that you didn’t see when you saw the home once for only 15 minutes?  Get a full and complete report of all the issues in the property you are going to buy.

Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

Find and fix problems on your own terms and schedule, without having to be rushed to meet a contract deadline. Price your property with confidence and ensure a smooth sale. A seller’s inspection is not in lieu of one commissioned by the buyer, but it often accomplishes the goal of signaling openness and good faith while at the same time avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

New Construction Inspection

Get an independent evaluation of your new, just-built house. Did the builder do a quality job or use cheap materials? If you are having a home built for you, we can find potential problems before they are too expensive to fix. Builders who “build to code” are only building to bare minimum standards.

Water Intrusion Consultations

Are you having problems problems with water dripping from the top of window openings? Water staining of the walls or ceilings? Mold? We are experts on evaluating the cause of the water intrusion and finding ways to, permanently, solving the problem.

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Is it getting near the end of your new home’s 12 month builder’s warranty? Is it becoming difficult to get the builder to fix the problems? Why not have an expert on your side? Ask for warranty repairs with a legal report in your hand and there won’t be any excuses.

Rehab / Remodel Consultation

Not sure on how to go about that kitchen or bathroom rehab? Consult with a professional who knows how it should be done. Get the best return for your dollars. Understand what various contractors are offering. Learn about the latest remodeling options that are available to you.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Employing the latest tools and technology in our inspections. We use deep probing moisture scanners and thermal imaging equipment to evaluate your house. We can check for energy leaks, inadequate insulation, water intrusion, foundation cracks, HVAC functioning and electrical problems. Thermal imaging is included, at no extra charge, in all of our home inspections.

Appliance Serial Number Trace and Recall Check

Included in all home inspections, we’ll take the manufacturer, model and serial numbers of the water heater, air conditioner and major appliances and check each for product recalls and defect reports with the manufacturer and the Consumer Products Safety Commission, as well as to verify the age of the item.

Continuing Free Phone Consultation

Each Inspection includes free phone consultation about any issue of your home, for as long as you own your home. Want to get some different ideas on what type of roof to use, how to maintain that sump pump or what are the new materials and options for remodeling that bathroom or kitchen? An expert is just a phone call away! For free!

We work to keep you informed, educated and satisfied both during and long after the inspection.